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RHOLC First Annual Freedom Pen Project

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

"This is such a soothing process, very therapeutic."

During the whole pen making event, that was the common phrase repeated by most of the volunteers.

Mike Hardin and his crew from Hardin Penworks were at the South Riding Center Pool facility early to set up the 4 wood turning lathes that would be spinning from 11am until at least 3pm to churn out pens that would go to the USO to distribute to deployed troops for the FreedomPenProject.

While Mr. Hardin was strict on safety, he calmly coached the volunteers through the whole process, from beginning to end, and made them feel at home in front of an unfamiliar machine. Not a single person got their hair, beard, or shirts caught in the lathes, and they all seemed to have a wonderful time.

All in all, it was a successful event. Got to meet some great people, learn a cool skill, and participate in something that will benefit our awesome service members. Looking forward to the next one!


27 Pens made from 11-3!!!

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